Zorin OS 15 desktop

Zorin OS 15 desktop

Zorin OS

Homepage zorinos.com/
Latest Version 15.2
Desktop Environment(s) GNOME
Installation type Graphical
Based On Ubuntu
Developer(s) Zorin OS Team

Zorin OS aims to be an operating system for the average computer user, designed to be “faster, more powerful and secure”.

It sports a highly stylized GNOME desktop environment that has been extended to allow it to shift between a desktop that mimics the layout of Windows or macOS, to make it less of an adjustment to new users comign from those systems.

Visually Zorin OS is bright and colourful, sporting bright neon visuals and flat interface elements reminiscent of Windows 10. Similar to Windows, Zorin OS allows you to personalize your desktop by changing the overall colour scheme of the icons and the user interface.

To cater to Windows users, Zorin provides many applications that are similar to those found in Windows, as well as a compatibility layer to allow users to run some Windows applications.

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